Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long Time,No See AND Endocrine Issues

Sorry, long time no see! It's not that I haven't been online. I have been, but I'm trying to figure out what direction I am heading in, blogwise. Real food is a high priority, but so is dealing with thyroid and other endocrine issues (particularly mine!). I just attended a seminar by Dr. Jack Tips on the Neuroendocrine Solution, where I received a fantastic lesson on the absolute importance of the proper functionality of the endocrine system, with all of its glands and subsequently created hormones. He mentioned how our bodies are confused because of all of the toxic environment we live in, including electromagnetic pollution, chemicals, and junk food. He discussed supplemental protocols for dealing with endocrine issues, but did not discuss the importance of real food! Inconceivable!!

OK, maybe there isn't a particular food that specifically supports the pituitary gland. But, does one think that frankencrap food would? I think not!

This is a topic I definitely need to explore further. More to come as ideas are being formulated!

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