Friday, November 20, 2009

Changes in the Air and Giving Thanks for All of It

This month, my birth month, has been INSANE with changes, in a good way! Current job as project manager officially ended today. Go me! I liked all the people I worked with, but the job itself wasn't enough for me. I can certainly be the go-to person to get projects done, but it didn't fill me with the passion I exude when I talk about real food. That's why the past weekend at the Weston A. Price Wise Traditions Conference in Schaumburg, IL, I really felt I was in my element because I was surrounded by people who enjoyed real food as much as I do!

Next week is all about Thanksgiving, family, giving thanks, and, of course, food. Real food! But, mostly, the focus on next week is Gratitude, with a capital G. I am soooooo grateful for everything that has come into my life the past days/weeks/months/years/lifetime:

* I am grateful for a job that supported me the past two years while I was able to figure out "what I wanted to do when I grew up".

* I am so thankful to find a new job that really fits aligned with my passions and my values. New job starts on November 30th. I will be able to help bunches of people lose weight and become healthier, possibly even avoid becoming diabetic or reduce their medications, by educating them on making smarter, real-food choices.

* I am happy that, even though I have had to hear the messages a few times before it all clicked in my head, my awareness about my own health has improved. My drumming teacher exclaimed loudly today, "Is that you??" while looking at a Christmas photo from two years back. I looked at the photo and realized, WOW, I really do look so much healthier now than I had two years ago (and really, even two months ago). My weight hasn't changed much because I still pretty much fit into the same clothes, BUT the puffiness around my face and bloating elsewhere are gone. I don't seem so flabby now, even with the minimal walking/dancing that I do each week. I have been eating real foods now following the 80/20 rule, but it wasn't until I cut out the grains, gluten, and simple sugars completely and starting eating enough high-quality fats that my body started deflating. What a HUGE difference. And, I'm learning to listen to myself and not so much depend on what other people's suggestions on "the ideal diet". I had to figure things out for myself as an individual. I am unique, and so are you!

* I am making new connections with people in my community, some of which will be very helpful in my future real-food promoting endeavors.

* And, I am soooooo grateful for all the people who came before me on this path to promote real food. For all the farmers who decided enough was enough and are providing organic, free-range, grassfed/pastured products - thank you. For all the food activists, like the Weston A. Price Foundation's Sally Fallon Morell, who get up every day to promote wholesome food and dispel incorrect information to the public - thank you. For all the volunteers who helped organize the Wise Traditions conference and the real food bloggers (you know who you are!) so that more people can become aware of how their food gets to their plate - thank you. I am honored to be able to follow your footsteps, and hope to provide a voice to strengthen those already fighting the good food fight!

Now, I can't wait for all the roasting, fermenting, and cooking to begin!!


PS - If you are looking for some really awesome real food recipes to try out, check these out from the Wise Traditions' conference. The food there was AMAZING, and I can vouch for the tastiness! Thanks to Amanda Love, the Barefoot Cook, and Sally Fallon Morell (from her Nourishing Traditions cookbook) for providing these recipes.

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  1. Hi Erica,

    Are you a student at CCNH? I am considering applying for their BS in Holisitic Nutrition program and I'd love to ask you a few questions if you have time. Thanks!