Friday, November 6, 2009

November: opportunities, conference, and more

Life has been a whirlwind. My blogging activity had died down over the past month or so when things got really hectic at work. But this is where everything changes!

I found out about a part-time opportunity, really, more of a paid internship than anything, where I would be able to educate overweight, diabetics, and pre-diabetic people on becoming healthier by eating REAL FOOD. This is SO in line with my goals that I had to consider the opportunity. And without a hitch, I was hired in 15 minutes!

So, what this means is: more free time to work on the MS in Holistic Nutrition, work time is spent gaining experience at what I love to do, more free time to practice what I am learning in other wellness centers, AND more time to BLOG.

My blog garden (like my real-life garden) is in disarray. Sad, but true. I am hoping to add more creative, structured content regularly to really match what I am learning and to make observations on what I come across in actual clients.

This will be fun!

First, I have to get through the next two weeks of old work, Weston A. Price Foundation's Annual Wise Traditions Conference in Schaumburg, IL next week, and Thanksgiving! If you are planning on attending the conference, give me a buzz and let me know. I would love to meet people in person!


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