Friday, January 2, 2009

Blueberries - the only blue food you need

Actually, I'm not sure if there are that many other blue foods out there! But blueberries are definitely worth being on your top 10 fruits.

If you're concerned about aging, blueberries are one of the best foods you can eat. They have special nutrients called polyphenols that help turn on neurons in your brain so that your brain can function more efficiently. Blueberries also have a phytonutrient (plant nutrient) called anthocyanin that is an antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory and is known to help improve eyestrain, night vision, and macular degeneration. Inflammation and stress caused by oxidation help age the body. Blueberries can also help prevent plaque build-up in your arteries.

Wild blueberries (remember, minimally processed, i.e., minimally enhanced by man) are the best ones to eat. Those of you lucky enough to have wild blueberries growing locally, have at it! For the rest of us, adding blueberries in our diets is a great thing to do. Eat them in their simple form: whole and fresh, or even frozen. Frozen blueberries make great icy little snacks if you haven't tried. That's my favorite way to eat them. No need to add sugar - keep it simple!

Photo courtesy of jenniewoo on flickr


  1. I remember picking blueberries as a kid in MA.

    Good luck with the new blog--I've added you to my favorites and will check in for all your good info!

  2. I have a back injury from a drunk driver hitting me three years ago. I gained some weight in that time and knew I had to get it off. I have problems with my thyroid at times so I eat a hand full of blueberries about three times a day. It must be working because I have gone from a size 22 women's to a 13 junior so far.I'm almost forty seven years old and I don't think that's bad for four months of blueberry nibbling.