Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Start to a new...

No, not diet. It's a new start to another blog! I know, it's the third one, but sometimes another new push of motivation helps... as well as a new year.

My diet is simple. I eat real food. I love real food. My body loves real food. When I eat processed food of just about any kind, my body boycotts. No, I'm not an angel (even though I would like to think of myself as one!) nor am I on a strict militaristic regimen, but I do try to maintain eating mostly real food every day.

My hope in restarting my blog is gaining new focus around health and being able to help others while I continue my journey to good health. Future posts will describe healthy foods you may have never eaten before (although hopefully you have!), as well as why we should eat those foods.

I am on my journey to my masters degree in holistic nutrition. I feel that health needs to be looked at holistically, with analysis into foods, stress, emotions, physical activity, etc. There is alot to cover! And I hope to cover it all here.

So, welcome!

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