Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aaack! On the Journey to Speaking Nutrition & EFT

OK, I'm stalling... but who likes public speaking?? I certainly don't, at least not yet! My wonderful friend D'Marie is starting up a public speaking class for spiritually minded folks, like me, and I have been part of her class for the past few months. Me, the quiet mouse, who dreads public speaking! I chose to participate in her program because I feel my lifepath is leading me in the direction of speaking out to families, students, and health-minded folks. My heart races every time I've had to speak, which is once every single meeting for 3 minutes on a topic I don't know until the minute before I have to speak! Aaack is right! =P

I have to admit, my public speaking skills have definitely improved over the past few weeks. I can now speak outwardly, look at and connect with my audience one person at a time, change the tone of my voice, add emphasis, etc. It is a HUGE improvement than before. But, I still have anxiety attacks before each meeting all the way up to the point where I stand and pick my topic!

Well, I have a 10 minute impromptu quarterly assessment speech with the topic of my choice to present on Tuesday. So, the past two weeks I have been feeling rather stressed out, in fact, stressed out enough to be physically ill and incapable of doing anything else, including finishing my remaining project and final exam for the first phase of my masters. Ugh.

So, after spending this entire weekend (and last week and part of the week before) stressing and having stomach flip-flops from the mere thought of the talk, I finally pulled out my dusty EFT manual. EFT as in Emotional Freedom Technique, an amazing method anyone can use to release himself/herself from emotional issues/phobias/self-sabotage/negative emotions/etc. You can find more information about EFT at this official website. It's been two years since I read up on EFT -- initially I looked into it for my fear of swimming (a topic for another time LOL!). Now, I'm realizing that EFT can be used for alot of things -- including emotional issues around food and public speaking about nutrition!

The process is really easy to do.. it involves physically tapping different parts of your body in a particular order. The process may be more complicated than that, but I haven't dealt with anything "beyond the basics." So far, it feels like it's working. After a few session of self-inflicted basic EFT, my stomach does feel better now. I don't feel so anxious or ill! Yay! Let's hope this keeps up for the next two days! =) =)

Of course I'm talking about nutrition. In fact my topic is "Incorporating healing foods into your life". Perhaps I will blog about it later!

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