Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eight Ways to Join the Local Food Movement!

Here are some great ideas for bringing real food into your life as often as you can! This is courtesy of the Organic Consumers Association, who sent this list to me via their Organic Bytes e-newsletter. The OCA's logo is "Campaigning for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace, and Democracy." How can you go wrong with that? The OCA website is a wonderful resource of green, sustainable information. This list below caught me eye as I was reading through emails, and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

1) Turn your lawn to a vegetable garden or join a community gardening program.
2) Start a community garden program if there isn't on in your area.
3) Eat more vegetables--a heavy meat diet creates more greenhouse gases.
4) Can your foods and throw a "preserve party" to swap foods.
5) Create a group to glean local farm fields of unharvested crops.
6) Look for farmers markets, roadside stands and CSAs.
7) Form an organic food buying club.
8) Throw potlucks, with an emphasis on organic and locally-grown foods.

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